Chapter 2 Loss Contingencies and Commitments Deloitte Accounting Research Tool

Investors might employ various hedging strategies such as stop-loss orders, which exit a position at a specific price level. Hedging can also involve using options strategies, which is akin to buying insurance whereby the strategies earn money as an investment position loses money from a negative event. Companies will often have some contingent liabilities, which are […]

Bookkeeping Tasks Checklist: Monthly, Quarterly & Annual

Content Navitance Specialized Financial Services Beyond an Inhouse Bookkeeper How to Start and Maintain a Monthly Donation… Weekly accounting checklist (4–8 hours per week) Get the free bookkeeping checklist pdf form Reviewing the Work in Process report ensures that you are invoicing your clients for any merchandise you already purchased. This report shows any overlooked […]

What Are Examples of Current Liabilities?

Content What you need to know about payday loans Classification Of Bank Loans In The Balance  Sheet Example of Current Liabilities What are Short Term Loans? Your Fast-Track to Financial Flexibility Types of short-term loans Definition of Short Term Bank Loan 4 Prepare Journal Entries to Record Short-Term Notes Payable A double entry system provides […]

Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Content Difference Between Income & Revenue of a Non-Profit See what makes Zoho Books the right accounting software for nonprofits Best Practices for Nonprofit Accounting Financial Reports Every Nonprofit Should Monitor Best for Small Organizations Part-Time Bookkeeping for Nonprofits Optimizing Efficiency and Workflows Around Procurement and Integrated Accounts Payable Why Do Nonprofits Need Accounting Software? Understand […]

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From costly fees to hampering your ability to open new checking and savings accounts, bounced checks can have serious consequences. Fortunately, through preparation and diligence, they can be avoided. If you’re concerned about accidentally writing a bad check, consider signing up for overdraft protection through your bank and/or linking a savings account to your checking […]